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Trendy Interior Design Tips for 2019

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement in your living room or change the look in a bedroom of your home, sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to start or find inspiration. That’s when you may look to see what some of the trends are for that year. This year, there are some great design trends that are taking place. Some trends require more than others in terms of both time and money and you should think about what you’re trying to accomplish and the budget required prior to any monetary spending. After you figure out those important details, you can keep reading this blog to learn more about popular interior design trends for 2019, and make the decision of whether or not you want to incorporate them into your home.  

4 Trendy Interior Design Tips

Bring Nature Indoors
Interior design trends this year are taking a more environmentally friendly approach. Integrating nature into the home is definitely one of the trendiest things we’re going to see in 2019, and there are a number of ways you can bring this interior design trend to your home.

· Natural woods – Using natural woods throughout your home, adds that natural element that we are seeing so much throughout the interiors of homes this year. From bedframes and sofa tables to bookcases and accent tables, using natural woods definitely adds that natural element to your home.
· Stone materials – Another material that aligns with the vision of bringing nature indoors to your home are stones such as marble, granite and pebbles. They can be great additions to you’re the interior of your home in the form of upgraded countertops or a unique lamp.
· Handcrafted furniture – Bringing nature indoors can even apply to the furniture, but this one can be costly. Handcrafted furniture is often sourced from the best materials. If you have certain types of woods throughout your home like bamboo or oak, you can get matching pieces to enhance the natural look you’re going for.

Curves and Smooth Edges
The modern look of sleek lines and shapes has been dominating interior design for quite some time. But there is a shift that’s begun. We are starting to see a more 1970s inspired furniture style than we’ve seen as of late. This style of furniture is known for its curves and smooth edges.

· Sofas – Square and rectangular furniture is phasing out, and round or misshapen backings are making their way in. Replacing your rectangular couch with a curved sofa is an easy way to embrace this trend.
· Accent Chairs – Unique chairs with interestingly shaped backings and traditional armrests can really spice up a living room.
· Coffee Tables – More and more, we’re seeing more options for coffee tables in curved shapes, rather than traditional rectangular or square coffee tables. This can be paired with a curved sofa or accent chairs to bring the design together.

Statement Ceilings and Floors
Bold colors and geometric patterns characterize this design trend. But this is definitely one of those trends that calls for 100 percent commitment. If you’re going to go for this trend, you really have to go for it.

· Patterned Floor – Anything from checkers to stripes to zig zags is fair game. Pair with simple furniture and some bold knick-knacks, if you don’t want to go overboard.
· Patterned Ceilings – Just as bold as a patterned floor and the same concept, this option is a little more difficult to install, but that doesn’t mean it should deter you.
· Statement Lighting or Fixtures –Bold lighting or fixtures can add to the statement ceiling or make its own statement. Depending on your furniture choices, picking something bold for the ceiling fixtures is really trending this year.

One of a Kind Entryway
This trend can be a really fun way to bring some flair to your home, and decorate an area that people see as soon as they enter your residence.

· Entry table – Getting a one of a kind piece of furniture for your entry way adds a unique touch to your home. Find a piece of furniture that is one of a kind, or make your own if you’re into DIY projects. Often times you can find unique pieces on Etsyor other small business sites.
· Modified Gallery Wall – Walls with a bunh of mismatched frames, called gallery walls, were a huge trend, and still are to some extent. But there’s a new way this can be accomplished in a much more interesting way. Largest pictures in the back, you layer pictures on the floor underneath your entry table instead of mounting them on your wall. Put a statement mirror on the wall instead.

Find Your Next Canvas to Decorate

Interior design is like art. You get to dictate what your home looks like, from the colors of the walls to the furniture. Every little detail works together to bring your vision for the interior of your home to life. If you’re looking for your next canvas to decorate in Orange County, I want to help you find it. From Ladera Ranch to San Clemente and everywhere in between, I can help you find a listing that allows you to bring your interior design dreams to life. Contact me today to find your next canvas to make home.



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