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Interior Design Trends for your Home

When it comes to interior design, your home is like your canvas. But if you are thinking about selling your home in the near future, you don’t want to do anything that will negatively affect your home’s resale value. Keeping the latest and greatest trends in mind is important for staying fresh and setting your home apart on the market. These trends are not only going to make your home look great, but they are non-invasive, affordable and won’t affect your resale value. If you’re looking for a new project, here are some of the best interior design trends of 2020 to consider implementing.

4 Interior Design Trends You Can Incorporate in Your Home

Two Tone Kitchens

That traditional all white kitchen that you are so accustomed to seeing is making its way out in 2020 and is being replaced by two tone kitchens. Two tone kitchen schemes have been on the rise over the last couple years, but this year you’re going to see even more of it. Black and white is a common choice, but you can get creative with it. You can even blend wood with color to brighten up the place and get rid of that rustic feel that wood creates. And if you need a further pop to spice up your kitchen, add an island.

Unique Rugs

2020 is the year of the area rug. With more and more homes converting over to laminate and hardwood floors, the need for bold and unique area rugs has increased. From a large, boldly patterned rug for your living room to a fluffy runner for your hallway, there are all kinds of shapes, sizes, textures and patterns to choose from that can really bring the look of your home together. Shop here for some inspiration.

Biophilia Design

With the recent shift towards environmentally conscious living, this movement has started to make its way into interior design. Biophilia is a new trend that blends human design with natural elements in a way that isn’t manufactured. We all want to have a stylish home, but if sustainability is important to you, you’re going to bring organic, environmentally friendly furniture and elements into your home. Pieces made from recycled wood or upcycled materials bring a natural aesthetic to your home while keeping the environment in mind.

Mixed Metals

Metals are making a huge comeback in 2020, especially mixing metals. Silver and brown metals work well together and so do copper and gold. But be careful with this interior design trend. You don’t want to mix more than 3 metals in one room as it can look overly busy. But if you’ve always loved the rustic look, then this trend is for you.

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