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Designing Your Home in 2021 

As we continue to navigate this year and all the uncertainty of a pandemic, the real estate industry continues to keep moving forward. And heading into 2021, home décor trends are certainly continuing along that path as well. We’re spending more time at home than ever right now and loving the space you’re in can contribute to your overall mental health and wellness. Here are the latest and greatest home décor predictions as we make our way into 2021.

3 Interior Design Predictions for 2021 

Light Woods

One of the most popular trends in 2021 will be the use of lighter woods throughout the home instead of the traditional medium and darker shades such as oak, mahogany or cherrywood. But this doesn’t just apply to furniture. Lighter woods are making a comeback in all aspects of the home from the furniture to the floors and ceilings.

Light wood is uplifting and you’re easily able to create and design a modern look even in your cozy spaces. This trend comes from the popular theme of minimalism, taken from Scandinavian and Japanese décor. It creates the illusion of space, as the lighter hues give the impression of larger rooms.

The 80s are Making a Comeback

The 80s were full of glass, angular shapes, stone materials and Art Deco and all those things are going to be trendy in 2021. They say everything cycles back around, and this couldn’t be truer in terms of home décor. Set the tone for your home using modern furniture or a bold color scheme.

The furniture that was popular in the 80s such as a glass dining table with a marble or chrome base can paired with lacquer, glass and marble accent pieces to give your home a modern 80s look. Using high contrast color schemes like black and gold or muted palettes like mauves and dusty rose can really solidify 80s inspired home décor. 

Grey is the Color of the Year

While bold colors are trending in 2021, Grey is predicted to be the color of the year. This simple color has a ton of range, giving a room a cool neutral color to connect modernity and technology in an elegant space. Coincidentally, it can play well with lighter wood tones, allowing you to combine some of the most popular design trends of the year all in one space.

Statement Pieces                                    

Handcrafted statement pieces are going to be big in 2021. The idea is to have luxury minimal design spaces with items that are handcrafted and made from purer materials. This can range from a unique lamp that sits as a focal point in your living room to a handcrafted chair perched in your reading corner. These pieces are meant to bring a pop to your space and express your personality, so don’t be shy. Embrace this trend and bring some uniqueness to your home.

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