Earthquake Preparedness: Is Your Home Ready?

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How to Prepare for an Earthquake

Being prepared for an earthquake is essential when you live in California. With all the rumblings that have been going on lately throughout Southern California, it’s really important that you know what to do in case there is an earthquake. Earthquakes can cause any number of things like fires, flooding and damaged roads. You’ll never know when an earthquake is going to hit, but if you know what to do before, during and after one, you’re going to be able to handle the situation much better. Here are some earthquake preparedness tips.

What to Do Before, During and After an Earthquake

Earthquakes are impossible to predict. Because of that fact, what you do before an earthquake hits can actually be the difference maker when the time comes. Here are some things you need to do now in order to prepare yourself and your home for an earthquake:

· Secure all items in your home from your television to the paintings on your wall. Put heavy and breakable objects on low shelves.
· Assemble an emergency preparedness kit including but not limited to: enough water per person in your household for three days in case of evacuation and two weeks for your home, non-perishable easy to prepare food items, a flashlight, chargers for your phones and other critical equipment, extra cash and any medicines you may need.
· Create a household evacuation plan that includes any pets you may have.
· Practice Drop, Cover and Hold with your family so they know what to do when the time comes.
· Have a fully stocked first aid kit.

What you do in the midst of an earthquake can help save you and or your family from being hurt. If you’re at home when you feel the earthquake, drop to the ground, cover your head and neck and hold on to the nearest sturdy furniture around you until the shaking stops. Face away from windows. Get under a table if possible or another piece of furniture that would protect you should anything fall from the ceiling. If you’re driving, stop in a clear area that’s away from overpasses, underpasses or power lines if at all possible.

You never know what comes after an earthquake but there are some things you should keep in mind immediately after an earthquake:

· Sometimes there are aftershocks, sometimes there aren’t. Be prepared.
· Check yourself for injury and then give assistance to anyone in your family that may need attention.
· If the building you’re in gets damaged, immediately exit the building and do not re-enter the building until it has been cleared by authorities.
· If you’re trapped, cover your mouth and bang on a pipe or wall so others can locate you and you don’t inhale any of the debris around you.
· Use your phone for emergencies only.
· Once you’ve reached safety, monitor local news reports, social media and TV and battery operated radio to get emergency alerts and updates.
· Don’t attempt to move heavy debris yourself. Use extreme caution like long sleeves, protective goggles, work gloves and thick soled shoes during clean up.

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