Home Inspections in Ladera Ranch

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The Home Inspection Process

When you’re purchasing your home in Ladera Ranch, one of the things that you do before closing is a home inspection. Home inspections are standard during the purchasing process. But there are some things that can get overlooked or missed during a standard home inspection. Here are some things to consider when you are trying to decide if you should spend a little bit more to have a specialist complete your home inspection in Ladera Ranch.

5 Things That a Home Inspector Could Miss

1. Structural Issues–During home inspections, the roofing is examined to see if there are any unusual dips or damages. When it comes to determining the extent of the damage though, a home inspector will typically refer you to a structural engineer to determine the root of the problem.  A home inspector will be able to tell you that something looks unusual, but they won’t be able to diagnose the problem for you.

If there’s something actually wrong and you find it during the home inspection process, you may be able to negotiate a lower price for the home or have the property owner fix the problem before selling. But sometimes, even a professional can miss this problem, and that is something you need to be aware of when you are reaching the end of your home purchase.

2. Damaged or Blocked Sewer Lines– Another area where a standard home inspector could miss is the plumbing. Typically, home inspectors run the water for 2-4 hours to determine if the plumbing and sewage is draining properly, but this truly is an issue that can come to light down the road. While they check the piping and area for any roots that could cause an interference in the sewage, other than that, a standard home inspection doesn’t delve any deeper into the sewer lines. If you decide to bring on a specialist, they can actually feed a camera through your plumbing and see if there are any blockages that currently exist.

3. Failing HVAC Equipment– While the temperatures in Orange County are rather moderate, there are still HVAC systems at work in most houses in Ladera Ranch. When temperatures are cooler, the HVAC usually doesn’t have any issues. But when things start to heat up, and there is stress on the system, things can start to go awry. This issue can also be filed under problems that will come out later down the road, most likely after the home inspection. This is just another thing to keep in mind, as HVAC systems typically cost between $3,000-$5,000 and take a few days to complete.

4. Electrical Problems– Home inspections are typical done visually, meaning if they can see the problem they can notate it and recommend action. But with electricity, it’s a little different. If there’s a problem that arises during a home inspection and there’s an electrical issue, you will definitely have to bring in an electrician to assess the situation further. But again, electrical issues don’t necessarily show themselves during an initial home inspection. If your home is relatively new, this may not be as big of a concern for you, but it is something to be aware of.

5. Leaks– This is one area that is tricky for home inspectors. There can be no leaks one day and then they can appear a week later. Because of this, sometimes home inspectors miss leaks during the home inspection. If you work with a home inspector that has years of experience, they should be able to tell you where the most common places leaks occur is. During a home inspection you can check the drains and pipes under the sink cabinets to see if they are leaking. Other than that, only time will tell.

Home Inspections in Ladera Ranch

When you’re purchasing a home, you want to work with an agentthat’s going to be able to put you in touch with the best resources in order to make the home buying process as smooth as possible. With more than 18 years working in Ladera Ranch, I can help you with the home buying process from start to finish. From helping with the lending process, to putting you in touch with the resources you need, I can help you every step of the way. Call me today at 949-285-3215 to get started with the home buying process.



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