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Before redesigning or renovating your home, ask yourself one very important question: how much longer do I plan on living here? Your answer will larger determine how you choose to decorate or renovate your home. If you don’t plan on moving anytime soon, then get as trendy as you want. But, if you’re planning on listing your home within the next couple months or years, and you want to make improvements that will have a strong ROI in terms of your home’s value, then you’ll want to stay neutral when incorporating your own personal style. To help you steer clear of potential renovations that will be out of style by the time you sell, here are 7 home design trends to avoid.

7 Trends to Avoid When Selling

1. Wallpaper 

Like all things retro, wallpaper is also making a comeback. Bold, bright patterned wallpaper has become a big trend in homes, especially in bathrooms. But this option for a homeowner looking to sell soon is a no-go. When selling, you want to highlight the best parts of your home, and give buyers the ability to envision themselves in the space. Loud, bright and vibrant colors or patterns can make that difficult, so steer clear of the trendy wallpaper choices for now.

2. Intricate Tile

Bold patterned cement tiles are all the rage on social media right now, which is exactly why you should avoid them. This is one trend that will soon become outdated a few years down the line. Strong patterns will catch a buyer’s attention in the wrong way. The last thing you want to do is distract from the beauty of your home. Having busy tile patterns that take away from the space itself is one way to direct buyers away from your home. Remember, you want to create a space that is memorable, but easily relatable to numerous family dynamics.

3. Purple or Yellow Paint

Purple may be the color of the year, but it’s one of the few colors you don’t want to use as paint within your home. Yellow is another culprit of widespread popularity in the fashion world. But both colors should be used sparingly in your home. Especially when it comes to painting. Color is key for resale value, so if you can’t live without bright purples and yellows consider add some bright pillows or rugs to your home instead.

4. Too much “Cold” White

Minimalism is in, and with that is the sleek, ultramodern approach to home design and décor. While creating a neutral space for buyers is important, you don’t want to go overboard and create a space that comes off as cold or uninviting. You still want your home to exude warmth and comfort, even if it is exhibiting an ultramodern design.

If you’ve already created your all-white look, don’t worry about repainting. Simply add warm tones and texture with home accessories and accent pieces.

5. Brass and Copper Accents

When upgrading your bathroom and kitchen features, remember that longevity is key. While copper, brass, rose gold and other warm metal finishes are very “in” right now, this is a fad that won’t outlive the life of your home. When choosing premium bathroom or kitchen fixtures, these trendy bright metals fall at the bottom of the list for quality and durability.

Instead, choose more neutral metals that will still make the room look great. You can’t go wrong with stainless steel, chrome or nickel. And if you’re still wanting to add some copper to the mix, use it in accent pieces rather than fixtures as to not deter any potential buyers. 

6. Anything but Stainless Steel Appliances

If you’re planning on getting new appliances a few years before you sell, consider upgrading with a stainless-steel finish. The choice for stainless steel appliances has been up for debate for years, but the truth is it’s still the most popular option for kitchen appliances. A recent study showed that 72% of homeowners who remodeled their kitchens in 2017 chose stainless steel appliances. It’s the safest neutral decision that majority of homebuyers will love. 

7. A Statement Door

Statement doors have been a trend for years. A clean, fresh colorful front door instantly transforms your home’s curb appeal to give a welcoming first impression. But when you’re trying to sell, having a door that’s extra bright might not be what attracts the type of buyer you’d like. If you do decide to upgrade your front door with a bold statement color, buyers usually lean towards liking black or red over other more popular colors such as teal, yellow or green. 

If you really want to make a front door upgrade, choose one that the majority of buyers will love. You truly can’t go wrong with a fiberglass door and new locking system. At the end of the day, most potential homebuyers will love the extra safety and durability more than the appearance of the door itself.

Selling Your Home in Orange County

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