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Summer in Ladera Ranch

Schools out for summer! (Well, almost.) But it’s starting to look a lot like summer here in Ladera Ranch! As of last week, Creighton Plunge and Covenant Hills Pools are both open for the summer, and Terramor Aquatic Park has been open since Memorial Day. There’s also a handful of recreation programs open for enrollment, including: junior water polo, summer cooking basics, guitar lessons, super soccer stars, gators skim club, skateboarding camps and more! There’s plenty of fun and enriching activities to keep your children busy all summer long thanks to the Ladera Life recreation center.

With the end of the school year right around the corner, the weather is ripe for some summer preparation around the house. As you prepare for your home for summer in Ladera Ranch, add these tips to your to-do list to ensure your fully prepared for the summer fun that’s on its way.

Summer Home Prep Tips

Clean Out Your Freezer

It’s time to make some room for popsicles! Now’s the best time to empty your freezer and defrost it to melt any icy build-up that’s accumulated over the year. While you defrost, take inventory of everything you have in there and get rid of anything that’s been in there for more than 6 months to a year.

Upgrade Your AC

Ensure a cool summer and lower your energy output with a few simple air flow updates. Start by turning your ceiling fans counter-clockwise to push air downward and create a stronger draft. Next, replace your air conditioner’s filter and have your coils professionally cleaned.

Prepare the Patio

Bring the party outside by preparing your lawn or patio for some fun in the sun. The first step to getting the party started is cleaning off your outdoor space. Most of this can be done with warm, soapy water, a brush and a hose. Next, decorate and set the mood with outdoor lights, flowering planters, candles and of course decorative pillows.

Paint Something

Summers is the best time to take on a new painting project. Whether it’s a room in the house, trim or even your front door. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way in freshening up your home.

Stock Up for Sunshine

Make sure your home is summer ready with all the necessary essentials. Fill your medicine cabinet with sun block, aloe and insect replant. Restock on fun pool toys, backyard sport items and plastic ware so you’re always picnic ready.

Bring Out the BBQ

Before the grilling begins, muscle up and give your barbecue a deep clean. Start by disconnecting the gas, disassembling the from roof to tray and cleaning with soapy water. Tackle the grill separately with a hard-wire brush and barbeque cleaner for those tough to reach spots. After cleaning, heat the barbeque and let it run on high for about 10 minutes. After it cools, wipe the grates with a thin layer of cooking oil and you’re ready for a summer cook-off!

Looking to Move this Summer?

If you’re thinking about buying or selling your home in Ladera Ranch this summer, I’d love to help you move. With more than 18 years of successful sales and exceptional service to the Ladera Ranch Community, I can help you sell your current home or find the home of your dreams in Orange County. Don’t wait until the market peaks! Call me today to begin the listing process and see what’s currently on the market in Ladera Ranch.  



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