Preparing your Home for Winter Rains

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Prepare your Home for Winter Rains

Here in Orange County, we are blessed to have pretty mild weather in comparison to the rest of the United States, and even other parts of California. Some years it rains more than others, but most of the time we can count on sunshine to fill the days. However, when the rains come, they usually does some damage. We get really complacent in thinking that since it doesn’t rain as much as other places, we don’t have to prepare as much as others do. Preemptively checking your home for the following will help prepare your home for winter rains.

4 Tips to Prepare your Home for Winter Rains

1. Clean the Gutters – Rain gutters catch rainfall and they ensure that the water doesn’t reach the foundation of the home. However, if your rain gutters aren’t kept clear, they are going to clog. When the rain gutters are clogged, they don’t’ function properly. If you have lots of trees around your house, your rain gutters are probably full of those fall leaves right about now. Take the time to clear the leaves yourself with a hose, or call in a professional to take care of this task.

2.  Inspect the Roof – Now is the time to inspect your roof, before the rain comes. If you have a problem during rainy season with your roof, you’re going to pay for it. Rates are higher during rainy season. Take the time now to walk the perimeter of your house and look for loose shingles, discolored patches and any spots that are sagging or aging. If it’s just an aesthetic issue like one of the shingles is missing, you can typically replace those on your own. But if there is a sag or large patches off discoloration, you need to get an expert in there to repair your roof. Don’t wait until rainy season to figure out if you have leaks in your roof. Check now.

3. Protect the Deck – If you have a deck at your home, you’re going to want to make sure that you protect it heading into cooler weather. To be quite frank, the deck is actually fighting the weather on a daily basis. Over time, condensation, water and other factors erode the wood and can cause damage to the underside of the deck. Resealing the deck every year protects the deck and it helps to prevent any damage that would normally occur throughout the year.

4. Don’t Prune your Trees – The leaves are all falling off of the trees, as they do every autumn. Slowly the trees become baron and the leaves are all on your lawn. Some people would take that as a sign that they need to prune the trees, roses and plants in the yard, but experts actually warn against that. Wait to prune the trees until after the winter months, just before spring. Pruning your trees and shrubs too soon can cause you to permanently damage them. Have some patience and wait to prune.




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