Reasons to Sell Your Home During the Holidays

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Reasons to Sell Your Home During The Holidays

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, a time when Real Estate traditionally slows down, you may be wondering, Could I still sell my home this year? 

The answer is YES!  Although there are differing philosophies on market timing, 2021 has been a stellar year for sellers and prices have not "softened" from our robust highs. There remains a shortage of inventory, ultra-low interest rates, and strong demand, although some buyers are beginning to Trim the Turkey and Deck the Halls.

Here are the Top Reasons why this may just be the perfect time for you to make your next move.

Serious Buyers are Still Shopping

Ultra-low rates are not going to last forever. During this year of many multiple offers, so many buyers missed out. Strong, vetted, buyers are still waiting for the next property that hits the market. Additionally, buyers that are not motivated leave the market and re-focus on Holiday Festivities. 

Holiday Time Off gives Buyers More Time to Search 

It's Common that people have more time off during the holidays and motivated buyers use this time to shop for homes. The volume of home searches on my website increase dramatically during the Holidays. Envision a potential buyer with family and friends at Thanksgiving, discussing the home and it's features and showing it's online presence to Mom and Dad. The additional time off will allow buyers to view your home at convenient times as well. 

More Relocation Buyers

The holiday season is a very popular time of the year when relocation buyers are anticipating and preparing for a move to a new city or state. Many relocation buyers may need to be in their new venue right after the New Year begins. This is an excellent opportunity to attract the very strong buyers that are typical of corporate relocations. 

Homes Show Better During the Holidays

The warm glow of festive lights and fresh scents of holiday wreaths and the heavenly aroma of holiday baking, adds a whole dimension to the home viewing experience, unavailable most other times of year.  Buyers are typically more emotional as well, and may be drawn by the welcoming warmth of your home. 

Prepare for Your Purchase as a "Non- Contingent"   Buyer 

If you wish to purchase a home, Selling and Buying at the same time can be challenging, but with proper planning it can be achieved. You can successfully sell your home, and lease it back until after the holiday, while you finds your perfect home to purchase. Hiring the right agent can facilitate finding the right home, even in a limited market, as experience and personal connections are priceless. 


If you are considering Selling the Spring of 2022 you should consider the benefits of coming on the market early. Call Rosemary to strategize and develop your perfect timing!