Relocation Tips: Getting Settled After a Big Move

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Big Move, Big Exhaustion

Moving is exhausting. There’s no way to sugar coat it. Even if you hire a moving crew, the preparation that goes into moving can be just as exhaustive as the unpacking process. The big furniture usually ends up being easier to deal with that the boxes and boxes of belongings you’ll end up unpacking in the long run. When you’re getting settled after a big move, these tips might help you get through the moving process a little bit easier.

3 Tips for Getting Settled After a Big Move

1. Unpack All Your Boxes 

After the movers unload your belongings from the truck and have placed all the major furniture items where they need to go, those pesky boxes still need to be dealt with. For some, the unpacking process is a chance to start fresh and display their belongings in a new light. But for some people that are getting settled after a big move, the unpacking process can be overwhelming. Those piles of boxes can be daunting, and often times after the essentials get unpacked, the rest ends up in the nearest storage closet, garage or attic.

But instead of moving into your new home and immediately starting to hide from the responsibility of unpacking, embrace it. This is your home, your chance to design the place that you and your family spend most of their time in. So unpack those boxes and display what you want and either donate or store the rest. Why keep extra clutter around your new home if you don’t need to? The sooner you unpack those boxes, the sooner you’ll feel at home.

2. Locate important Stores and Necessities

After you move, one of the first things you need to do is get acquainted with the new area that you live in. Finding the nearest grocery store, pharmacy, bank, and gas station is essential in knowing your way around. From there, you’ll be able to explore and find other things that you need like the gym, golf course, local pool or church. Once you have a firm grasp for what’s around, you can find things like your favorite hiking trail or family restaurant.

Whatever the case may be, start with the basics and branch out from there when you’re getting settled after a big move. It can help to alleviate some of the stress of moving somewhere new and having to find out where everything is all at once.

3. Establish a New Routine 

Moving can throw your life for a loop. You packed up your whole life in one area to move to another, but now you’re in an unfamiliar place trying to make sense of a new space with all kinds of chaos going on around you. The unpacking alone is enough to test anyone’s resolve.

Add in kids or pets that need help acclimating, and it becomes that much harder. Establishing a new routine can help create some structure. Getting back into the swing of things is a great way to start helping you get a little bit or normalcy back in your life at a time when things are so hectic. Whatever your daily routine was, start getting back to it as soon as you get settled in. 

Work with a Relocation Specialist in Ladera Ranch

Deciding where you’re going to move is just as big of a decision as selling your home. If you’re selling your home in hopes of moving to Ladera Ranch, you’re going to want an experienced realtor on your side. I know this area like the back of my hand and can provide you with the resources to relocate you and make you feel at home in Ladera Ranch. Contact me today to talk about the relocation process and how I can help you find a home in Ladera Ranch.



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