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Elevate Your Home with Simple Home Improvement Projects

This summer is quite different from any summer we’ve had here in Orange County in the past. While most people are trying to return to normalcy, there are still many people that are spending much of their time at home both personally and professionally. If you’re at home, why not spend that time adding some value to your home, or at least upgrading the aesthetic. Here are some simple summer home improvement projects you can tackle during this unusual summer.

4 Simple Summer Home Improvement Projects

Up Your Curb Appeal

While the summer isn’t time for a total garden overhaul, you can still grab your gardening hat and some SPF to tackle a few front yard improvements. Keep in mind a landscaped home can fetch 5.5-12.7 percent more than one with no landscaping and 99 percent of realtors think curb appeal is an attractive quality for buyers.

· A simple stone path cutting through a section of your front yard or leading up to your house can add an inviting presence to your front yard.
· A cute sitting area located on your front porch area (if space allows) or in a section of your yard can give you a wonderful place to spend summer evenings.
· Add outdoor lighting to your walkway to illuminate the path to your home without taking away from the landscaping.

Inspect and Clean Dryer Vent

This is a simple project for the summer, and it could potentially save your life. You probably clean the lint vent after every dry, but there is till lint that accumulates in your ducts and sometimes in the machine. You can get a long-handled vent brush from a hardware store, remove and clean the vent on your own. While you’re cleaning the cavity of the machine, you want to steer clear of the vent attachment or gas line. This simple task can help ensure your safety as close to 17,000 homes a year are affected by a clothes dryer fire.

Update Tiling

The backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom is on the simpler end of the DIY scale. You can do this project on your own but watch some instructional videos before proceeding. Updating the tiling can give those rooms a new feel without having to remodel or repaint the whole area. This project can really give those rooms a pop, especially if you use a colored backsplash.

Upgrade Your Hardware

This project can be a little time consuming, but the reward is high! Upgrade your kitchen, bedroom furniture or bathroom hardware and pull together a whole new aesthetic. Options for hardware are abundant but ensure that the hardware you get matches the style of your home. For instance, if your home is beach chic, you don’t want to get bulky, country style hardware. Replace the hardware with something that is going to compliment your home. And if you’re looking for some options, Etsy has some great options as well as your local Lowe’s and Home Depot.

List Your Home with the Best

Whether you take on any of these home improvement projects, keep in mind that the housing market is hot here in Orange County. Which means it's a great time to sell. Rosemary Hieber knows the market is ready to help you get the most for your home. With more than $280 million sold both locally and personally, Rosemary has a proven track record of success selling homes here in Orange County. Contact her to get started with the listing process.



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