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What’s the Best Flooring for A Single-Family home?

The best flooring for any high traffic home is, above all, durable. With plenty of daily activity, kids and maybe even a pet, your flooring can get the short end of the stick when it comes to cleanliness. So, you’ll want to install a flooring variety that can withstand heavy foot traffic and stains. If you’re a pet friendly home, then you’ll want to find something that doesn’t trap odors either. Before you choose a luxurious hardwood floor or wool carpets, check out some of these more low-maintenance options that can withstand your kids and that new puppy you promised them.

4 Durable Flooring Options

Poured and sealed concrete – Concrete is a scratch resistant, easy to clean option for your home. It doesn’t collect pet fur and it doesn’t stain. Plus, it will give your home a stylish, minimalistic industrial vibe that homeowners everywhere are embracing with open arms. Add an inexpensive, easy-to-wash rug for some extra cushion and foot warmth during the winter and your new floors are complete.  

Tile – Another pet and kid friendly flooring option that won’t require you to sacrifice style for durability. With a variety of different design options, including faux-wood tiles, your possibilities with design are not limited with this medium. For most, tile is a smart, liquid-proof surface that is both durable and easy to clean.

Luxury Vinyl – An affordable flooring option for your home. If you’re serious about keeping your floors pristine despite your home’s susceptibility to high foot traffic and stains, then luxury vinyl is the way to go. It’s highly durable, long-lasting, and resistant to moisture, scratches and dents. Plus, it’s quieter than other hardwood flooring options.

Laminate – One of the strongest, most affordable and common flooring options for a single-family home. Laminate is an artificial wood product that is extremely strong and the sealant layer on top makes it both scratch and scuff proof. The only downside to laminate is that it can be difficult for pets to walk on as the protective layer is very slippery. However, this can easily be solved with a finish that has some texture in it.

Finding a Home with Ideal Flooring

The right flooring is important, but don’t let the wrong flooring stop you from buying. If you’re looking for a home and already know the type of flooring you want, don’t let a lack of the right kind deter you from an otherwise perfect fit. When house hunting, there are elements that you should not compromise on. For example, location and the amount of natural light that the home receives. But flooring is something that can easily be fixed. 

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