The Best Time of Year to Move in Orange County

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Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time to Move

Summer is the best time of year in Orange County. The swells are coming in, friends are playing beach volleyball and there are tons of families riding bikes along the boardwalk. Summer is also the best time of year to move. Maybe you’re under the impression that moving during the summer would be too hot or pose more challenges than it would be worth. But the reality is, moving during summer is actually the best time of year to move. Keep reading for more benefits of moving during the summer.

3 Reasons Why Summer is the Best Time of Year to Move

Longer Days

Moving takes a lot of planning and preparation in order for it to go smoothly. There are tons of details to get sorted and boxes to pack or unpack. Summer days with more sunlight hours equates to more time to get things done. Extended days provide lots of light for packing or unpacking your home. It can get hot in the summer, but if you start early and take a break during the peak heat hours, you can continue doing what you need to do during the cooler hours of the day. Long days are one of the reasons why summer is the best time of year to move.

Kids Out of School

For families with children, moving during the summer is the best time of year to move. Typically, children aren’t in school during summer. Therefore, you don’t have to deal with your move impacting their schooling . Their daily routine stays intact and you don’t disrupt their lives as much. Plus, you’re able to enlist their help in the packing or unpacking process. If you can stay away from pulling your children out of school to move, you should. That’s why summer is the most optimal time of year to move if you have school-aged children.

Selling Season Peaks in Summer

The Orange County housing market heats up for sellers during the summer. Selling your home during the summer can get you a premium for your home. As of right now, homes priced between $750,000 and $1 million represent 18% of the active inventory and 24% of the demand. Selling your home now can help sell your home quickly. And depending on the home, you could potentially receive offers over asking price. This is just another reason why moving during the summer is beneficial. 

Move to Orange County This Summer

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