Tips to Beat the Heat in Ladera Ranch


Staying Cool All Summer Long

July is almost over and we’re heading into the hottest time of the year in Ladera Ranch. Temperatures are going to be on the rise for the next month or so, and Ladera Ranch residents are going to have to figure out how to beat the heat. Most of us are lucky enough to have the luxury of having air conditioned homes, but staying inside day after day blasting the AC when you live in such a beautiful area seems like such a shame, doesn’t it? If you’re determined to beat the heat, here are some tips. 

5 Tips to Beat the Heat in Ladera Ranch

Stay Hydrated

With summer upon us and heat waves rolling in and out of Ladera Ranch, hydration is one of the things you have the most control over. There are all kinds of suggestions and opinions regarding how much water you’re supposed to drink. One of the most common rules of thumb is drinking 8, 8-ounce glasses of water, or the 8x8 rule. It’s ok to mix in the occasional lemonade or that ice cold soda you’ve been craving, but try to keep the majority of your hydration water based. Drinks like soda and beverages with tons of sugar can actually dehydrate you, so be mindful many of those treats you allow yourself.

Go to the Beach

One of the easiest ways to beat the heat is to avoid it all together. And if you live in Ladera Ranch, you have several beach options nearby. Dana Point is the closest option, with the Dana Point Harbor and Salt Creek Beach beckoning for you to bring your beach towels and picnic baskets. If you’re feeling like being a little more active, 1000 Steps Beach is right up PCH. You may not exactly feel like you beat the heat on your way back up the steps to your car, but it’s still a beautiful way to spend the day. And if you’re feeling like escaping for the weekend, head on down to San Clemente and go camping at Doheny State Beach or treat yourself to a hotel room overlooking the ocean at the San Clemente Cove or Seahorse Resort. Whichever beach you choose, the water is waiting for you.

Make Lemonade or Popsicles

One of the best things on a really hot day is to eat or drink something refreshing. Depending on your craving, you can make lemonade or even lemonade popsicles. Here is a simple recipe for making lemonade if you decide to go that route. With popsicles, you need some supplies and a little bit of planning since you need to freeze them prior to eating them. Find reusable popsicles molds like these and you can make any kind of popsicles you want.

Go to the local pool

If you didn’t know, Ladera Ranch actually has quite a few options for keeping cool including several pools and even its own water park. The Flintridge pool, Oak Knoll Village Clubhouse and Terramor Aquatic Park are all in the area. So, if you don’t have a pool of your own, these are good alternatives. Whether it’s just you, or you have a family that you are bringing along, getting in the pool is a fantastic way to beat the heat. But don't forget your sunscreen!

Avoid Using the Oven

We all have to eat, regardless of whether it’s hot or not. But when it’s summertime, using the oven to cook meals makes the house exponentially hotter. One way to combat this is to not use the oven. Summertime is the best time to use that grill that’s been sitting in your backyard, and it doesn’t make the house hot. Take this time to shop and prepare for some meals you can make outdoors. Grill up some meat to top a delicious salad, grill some asparagus or Portobello mushrooms or even make that rack of ribs with grilled corn on the cob you’ve been meaning to make. Experiment with other ways to cook outside of your oven and enjoy the summer evenings while they’re still here.

Ladera Ranch is a Cool Place to Live

Beating the heat is no easy task. Neither is buying a home, but it can certainly be a more seamless process than you think. If you’re looking for a place to call home in Ladera Ranch, but haven’t found an agent to represent you, look no further. I have served the Ladera Ranch community for more than 18 years, and I am confident that I can help you find a home that fits your needs. Contact me today to discuss how I can help you find your dream home in Ladera Ranch.




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