Winter Home Improvement Projects in Ladera Ranch

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Simple Indoor Home Improvement Projects for Winter

Winters in Orange County are relatively mild, but that doesn’t mean we skip the season altogether. The same goes with seasonal home improvement projects. Home improvement projects require certain types of weather for proper execution. For instance, you wouldn’t want to re-landscape your backyard in the winter. Instead, now’s the time to focus on tackling some indoor home improvement projects. Take a break from the outdoors and revisit your home improvement to-do list as we tackle some simple but impactful home improvement projects you can complete before this winter is over.

4 Winter Home Improvement Projects for Your Ladera Ranch Home

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint
Paint needs proper time to dry properly. In the winter, the weather gets too cold in the morning and evening for paint to dry properly outdoors. But that isn’t the case for the interior of your home. Pick a room or some areas that could use a touch up, and give those areas a fresh coat of paint. Painting is something that every home owner can accomplish. It’s an easy way to brighten up your living space and give your home a fresh look heading into the new year.

Swap Out your Shower Head
Simple home improvement projects are the best, and swapping out the showerhead is one of the easiest tasks to accomplish on your own. There are plenty of shower head options available, all you have to do is pick the one that you like best and install it. They are relatively inexpensive, and can be ordered online or picked up at a local hardware store. This is an easy way to upgrade your shower and give yourself a luxurious shower experience at a low cost, all while staying within the comfort of your own home.

Install a Smart Thermostat
During the winter months, your thermostat undergoes a lot of changes to keep the temperature of your home consistent. With all these adjustments, you may forget to set it back when you leave for work, allowing it to run all day, costing you money. A smart thermostat will alleviate that issue, as you can set it ahead of time to adjust the temperature at certain times of day all from the convenience of your phone. This will also help you save money on your utility bills, which is a win-win.

Give Hardware and Fixtures a Makeover
Do your faucets have some calcification on them or are they just plain old and outdated? If so, you could consider replacing both the hardware and fixtures in your home. Replacing these items is an easy way to give your kitchen, cabinets, bathroom or dressers a facelift without breaking the bank. If you’re feeling ambitious, you can switch your lighting fixtures as well for an even more noticeable change.

Listing your Ladera Ranch Home in the Winter

Listing your home is a big decision. It takes thought, planning and a vision. One of the best ways to find the perfect property is by working with an experienced realtor. You don’t want to trust just anyone with the sale of your home. With more than 18 years of experience selling homes in the Ladera Ranch community, I know I can help you find success in this winter market. Contact me today to start the listing process, and sell your home before the start of the new year.



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