Working with a Realtor to Lease a Home

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Reasons to Work with a Realtor to Lease a Home

Orange County is one of the most desirable places to live in Southern California. It’s centrally located near the coast and is home to some of the best views, activities, homes and restaurants the area has to offer. It also makes for a very competitive real estate market for both buyers and renters.

If you’re one of the many SoCal residents who’s renting homes right now, you’re going to want to have a competitive edge in this market. A realtor might be what you need to put you over the edge and get you in to the rental you’ve been searching for. Here are a few reasons why you should work with a realtor when you’re looking to rent a home.

3 Reasons to Work with a Realtor to Lease a Home

Competitive Edge

Finding a home to rent in Orange County is difficult. This is one of the most competitive real estate markets when it comes to buying homes, and it’s just as competitive when you’re renting or leasing a home. You’re in competition with other families, couples, working professionals and empty nesters who all want to stay in beautiful Orange County. When you work with a realtor during the rental process, you’re giving yourself a competitive edge.

A couple being represented by an agent and a couple representing themselves could both pursue the same rental. But when the listing agent compares the two applications, they will (most likely) want to work with the couple that is being represented by an agent. A realtor makes sure that whoever they’re representing has their ducks in a row, so that when the time comes, their clients are able to make an offer that will be accepted, even in the midst of other applicants.

Someone on your Side

Finding a home to rent in Orange County can take some time, but if you work with a realtor, you’ll have someone on your side from the get-go. Once you decide to work with a realtor to rent a home, you’re opening up the door of possibility. You also have someone who is working with you to help you find a listing that is right for you and that is on your side when the times comes to get the listing you want. A realtor is there to support you, and when it gets overwhelming during your hunt for your home, at least you know you do have additional support.

Access to Amazing Listings

As mentioned above, working with a realtor gives you a competitive edge, setting you apart from your competition. But you really get to reap the benefits of working with a realtor when you get to see all the listings that they have access to that the general public doesn’t. Typically, realtors have listings that aren’t making their way to sites like Zillow, Trulia or even Craigslist. Sometimes, they get access to exclusive rentals or rentals in highly desirable areas that they wouldn’t want to advertise to just anyone. The listings an agent has and the listings that you’re going to find yourself are completely different.

Work with an Experienced Realtor in Orange County

When you want to find a home to rent in Orange County, working with an experienced realtor can speed up the process. With more than 15 years of experience working in Orange County, I have helped countless renters find a home that fits their needs and is in an area that they love. Let me do the same for you. Contact me today to find the perfect rental property for you.

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